As we head into the summer months there are a few things you can do to better prepare your pond to take on the summer heat that will minimize the maintenance and keep a balanced ecosystem along with happy aquatic pets! These are 4 simple summer pond tips that can really help you keep your pond clean and clear this season! Source: Aquascape

Summer Pond Maintenance Tips Pro Ponds West

1. Your Pond NEEDS oxygen! Add oxygen to your pond by adding an Aquaforce Pump or an Aerator. If you do not have a waterfall or flowing water into your pond, you can add a small fountain with a pump that will help oxygenate it.

2. Do not overfeed your fish! If you feed them fish food at all during the summer, be sure it is in the morning and do not overfeed them, the warmer weather will break down and decay faster if not eaten right away and can pollute the pond.

Pond Maintenance 4 Very Important Tips for The Summer Pond Season

3. Provide shade and shelter from that summer heat! Adding aquatic plants such as waterlilies help provide shade and protection for your fish and pond. They will keep your pond cooler and making maintenance and algae control a lot easier!

4. Be sure to remove any debris, dying leaves, flowers etc. from your pond before they have the chance to decay and pollute your water! The warmer weather speeds up the decay and can make maintenance on your pond a lot more difficult and time consuming that it needs to be.

If you need a little extra help, try one of our water treatments!

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Source: Aquascape Blog – 5 Critical Tips for Summer