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Fall Water Feature Maintenance

Fall Water Feature Maintenance In 6 Easy Steps! When fall rolls around, the change of seasons is apparent by the beautiful, multi-colored leaves and the cool change in temperatures. It may be your favorite time of year, but how will the cooler temperature and falling...

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Hydroponic Gardening with Your Pond or Wetland Bog

Hydroponic Gardening With Your Pond or Wetland Bog Benefits of Hydroponic Gardening Hydroponic Gardening is a specialized type of gardening that uses nutrient rich solutions instead of soil alone and is quickly becoming one of the most popular gardening categories for...

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Koi Fish Pond 101 – Healthy and Happy Koi

Don’t over crowd your pond! Proper pond size for your koi fish… Koi fish need a lot of space, more than you would think! Before overcrowding your pond and therefore stuck with too many koi or unhealthy koi, you should keep in mind this important information. Koi can...

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