Fountain Design

Fountains are a beautiful way to add life, movement, and the sound of water to any garden. More and more, we are seeing fountains become a main focal point to the garden. With so many design options available today, the sky is the limit!

We install everything from the “disappearing” fountains with the pottery and ceramic vessels, to classic 2 or 3 tiered fountains and bubblers. We are also the “go to” experts when it comes to designing custom fountains, with a vast knowledge in the most efficient and cost effective methods of installation.

Fountain Maintenance and Repairs

Our full service Maintenance Department can help you with any fountain and pond repair needs.
We can help fix or replace burnt-out pumps, fix leaks, and even help with algae control. We also specialize in water safe fountain lighting and submersible pumps, for the most beautiful and efficient running fountain.

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