Lighting is Everything – Enjoy Your Water Feature Year Round

Expanding the enjoyment of your pond or waterfall into the evening hours is extremely simple and inexpensive to do. With the current innovations in the energy-efficient and eco-friendly lighting we are able to run these at a very minimal cost and impact to the environment. We recommend using Aquascape branded LED lighting systems for  your pond as they provide a quality and reliable product.

Step 1

Choose an LED Lighting Option that Best Suits Your Needs! There are key focal points to keep in mind, such as the streams and waterfalls themselves, the main basin area and back-lighting the trees or other elements around the pond for a more magical experience.

Aquascape Pond Lighting

Waterfall & Up Light

A) Waterfall & Up Light

Garden and Pond Spotlight

B) Garden and Pond Spotlight

Fountain Accent Light

C) Fountain Accent Light

Step 2

Calculate the power consumption by adding the wattage of all the Aquascape lights selected.
EXAMPLE: 2 x 3-Watt Lights = 6 Total Watts of power consumed

Step 3

Take total wattage and add 10% to compensate for voltage fluctuations.
EXAMPLE: 6 Total Watts + 10% = 6.6 Watts

Step 4

Select the appropriate wattage transformer, accessories, and lighting components.

Garden and Pond Spotlight