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Koi Fish

The gorgeous koi fish that accompany a water feature, are often referred to as the “jewels” of the pond. With their bright colors and vivid patterns, they are often what lures many of us to our love for these water environments.

Although koi fish are widely prized and can in some cases can be very valuable, koi fish are surprisingly very easy and inexpensive to take care of.

Koi fish take little feeding, when they are in a pond environment with natural elements such as plant and fish life. They are also fairly inexpensive to buy also, with many of the smaller domestic koi starting at about 20 dollars.

We  sell a wide variety of both domestic and Japanese koi, in gorgeous hues and patterns, in various sizes at our showroom. Come by and see our selection, or give us a call for a handpicked delivery right to your pond!

Fish are a major part of your pond’s ecosystem and they are important to your pond’s overall health, but they also make great pets. And best of all, regardless of what’s happened in your life, they’ll always be there to greet you at the end of a long day!

Aquatic Plants

Aquatic plants are a brilliant way to add beauty and life to your pond. They help to oxygenate the water, supply food and nutrients to fish, add much needed shade and shelter for your aquatic pets, and of course add endless color to the pond.

At our Sun Valley location, we sell a wide variety of aquatic plants- such as Oxygenators- both Water Hyacinth and Water Lettuce, Water Lilies- both hardy and tropical, Lotus, Marginal Plants, Annuals, Floating Plants and Submerged Plants. We also stock a wide variety of one and five-gallon Bog Plants, as well as various flats of pond-loving Ground Covers.

We also carry Planting Media, Planting Baskets, Aquatic Containers and Fertilizer for Aquatic Plants.

Aquatic plants can be kept in aquatic baskets, set into “pockets” in the pond, or tucked into rocks. Just like bedding plants or perennials, various aquatic plants thrive better in certain planting scenarios. Call us and tell us about your pond or stop by to get expert advice on what types of plants are best for you!

When purchasing an aquatic plant, always plan to re-pot that plant into a larger container unless you’re planting them directly into the pond. Aquascape plants are grown in 5″ and 8″ plant baskets. Replant these using Aquascape’s Aquatic Pond Planting Media, planting baskets, or aquatic containers and Aquascape’s Fertilizer tabs before placing them in the pond. You can also choose to remove the plant from its original growing container and place directly into the pond’s bottom or shelves. Either way, you’ll be ensured a healthier, fuller, more beautiful plant in your pond.

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