Pondless Waterfall Design

Pondless Waterfall Design

Our designers have years of experience designing hundreds of the most beautiful waterscapes across Southern California! Completely custom designed Pondless Waterfalls and Streams for residential and commercial properties.

Each Pondless Waterfall design has been made custom to its area and blends in naturally with its environment. The hundreds of Pondless Waterfalls we have installed over the years are designed to appear and operate identically to natural bodies of water, a result of the way our Pondless Waterfalls work as chemical free mini-ecosystems.

We Design:

·         Pondless Waterfalls

·         Streams

·         Large-scale Pondless Waterfalls and Rivers

    Pondless Installation

    Our installation team is second to none. Quality and efficiency are of the highest importance when it comes to all of our water feature installations. Our installers go through a rigorous training period, where they learn hands on how to build a pondless stream or waterfall from start to finish. Our jobs typically can be completed within just a few days, ensuring the homeowner is informed and confident every step of the way.

    We specialize in professionally installing Pondless Waterfalls of all shapes and sizes! We have almost 20 years of experience installing water features. We are unparalleled in experience and knowledge in the art of installing the most beautiful, eco-friendly ponds and water features. The hundreds of Pondless Waterfalls we have installed over the years, are designed to both look and function as closely to nature’s own as possible. This allows for it to become part of the natural landscape also, attracting birds, butterflies, and housing beautiful fish and plants.

    Low Maintenance

    Pondless waterfalls are a lower maintenance alternative to a koi fish pond and eycosystem.

    Once you have that gorgeous water feature installed in your home, you may have questions or concerns that require our assistance. We specialize in the proper technique of pondless waterfall or stream care and maintenance. We have a complete maintenance and repair department that can help with just about any pond problem. We offer regular cleaning services and full clean-outs for that once a year refresh.  From replacing underwater lights, to questions about algae control, our knowledgeable staff is here to help.

    By taking care of:

    • Any extra debris from the surrounding elements
    • Water quality
    • Oxygen levels
    • The proper beneficial bacterial levels
    • Nutrients and minerals

    We will improve the heath of your pond and keep that ecosystem balanced!

    Pond Renovations

    We are experts in Pond, Pondless Waterfall and Fountain repairs and reconstruction! From finding and repairing those pesky leaks or completely reconstructing the entire pond, we have done it all.

    All of our ponds and Pondless waterfalls have a one-year warranty against any damage or repairs. Although our ponds are designed to be sturdy and a lifetime, sometimes a pump or liner issue may require our attention. We are happy to troubleshoot and answer any questions you have, to help get your pond up and running again!


    • Leaks
    • Liner Repairs
    • Liner Replacement
    • Pond Resurfacing
    • Pond Renovations
    • Concrete Pond Reconstruction


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