Drought Tolerant Landscape

Drought Tolerant Landscape

Can you believe that this pond actually uses less water than the lawn that stood before it?!

Well believe it! This gorgeous pond, waterfall and landscape actually uses less water than that old lawn!

Here’s a project where the client traded in their old ugly lawn for a beautiful pond, waterfall and low maintenance landscape with synthetic turf.

Not only does the client use a fraction of the water since the renovation, it is now super low maintenance! This is the family’s favorite spot to relax and enjoy any part of the day!

If you are considering remodeling your yard either to save money on your water bill or just help conserve water in this tough drought, consider changing your yard into a livable and guilt free paradise with a sustaiable water feature!

Added a bit of color!

Colorful Koi Fish Pond

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March 9, 2016