Gorgeous Koi Pond With a View!

Gorgeous Koi Pond With a View!

This project killed 2 birds with 1 stone!

First off, the homeowner had 3 BIG koi that needed a bigger home. Second he also had an area in his yard with a small patch of boring grass that he would have to maintain every week.

Gorgeous Koi Pond - Before Photo

Taking into consideration these two issues the homeowner had a 12’ x 18’ pond installed in that area, that is 4 feet deep to accommodate for the large Koi.

His Koi fish are now much happier now that they can stretch out in their new digs and the homeowner doesn’t have to mow that small patch of grass on the weekends. Instead they enjoy their new pond and waterfall! The client then added a viewing deck around the pond and is planning to landscape in the spring.

Gorgeous Koi Pond - Crystal Clear

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Gorgeous Koi Pond - Crystal Clear

Gorgeous Koi Pond - Crystal Clear


  1. Jose A Hernandez

    I have an empty corner where a pond like this one or ????? would look nice on my back yard. I more or less have an idea of what I would like to have, but……don’t mind if you give me an idea and an estimate

    • Pro Pond Design

      Thank you for contacting Pro Ponds West. The pond pictured here was medium to large sized. This pond with all materials installed runs about $20k. The average backyard small pond is around $8-$10k which gets you approximate size of 8 x 11 pond. There are other factors such as accessibility that can change the price down or up. If this is something you think would be of interest, we could set up a time to meet and do a full estimate of your dream pond!

      There is also a full line of kits we can set you up with if you are a “DIY” person. Here is a link to some of the kits http://www.propondswest.com/pond-kits

      We also can do Al-a-cart for those that don’t fit in to one of the kits.

      Please let me know if I can be of anymore assistance. We look forward to working with you!


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March 15, 2016