LA ​Dept of Building and Safety

LA ​Dept of Building and Safety

How we saved this landscaped garden area 104,000 gallons of water! Using minimal water with a water feature and a drought tolerant landscape garden…

Department of Building and Safety. This is a project with multiple ponds, streams and waterfalls surrounded by a drought tolerant landscape. The owner of this high rise property in the heart of L.A. had a decision to make 7 years ago. A design decision, it was 4,500 square feet lawns or landscaping and water features. As you can see they made the right choice! In a recent visit to the site I bumped into the head grounds keeper, he went on and on about the area. Not about the beauty and it is beautiful, but the minimal water usage and the easy of maintaining this space. He said “other than adding the bacteria every other week, the only maintenance I need to worry about is upkeep on the landscape drip system”.

We did some quick calculations on the spot about how much water they saved over the past 7 years… The lawns would’ve consumed 2,000 gallons of water a day, not to mention cutting the lawns every week. This is 730,000 gallons a year, so 5,110,000 gallons of water would have been used to keep the grass watered! He calculated the they use 2000 gallons a week now total, pond and drip system. 104,000 gallons a year, 728,000 over the past 7 years. A savings of 4,382,000 gallons of water over the past 7 years. I’d say that was a pretty good decision.




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March 9, 2016